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Brian Morales Madrid,

Based in Arlington, Texas, USA


When I first started to film and photograph it was my  escape route from everyone showing me their view of the world, and I wanted to show my own understanding of my experience. Since the beginning my experiences have developed throughout time through photography and cinematography. 

With photography I learned how to show people in their true light and within only one picture I can tell a whole story. In which by manipulating the light, shadow, and the colors I can make an image appear with any emotion. Further down my path I developed my ability to work with people for more complex work such as my cinematography.


The story I want to place in front of the viewer won't be in a still image or only using one of the human senses, but incorporates many other factors. With videos I've done in the past I used movement, placement, theme, color, sound, and cooperation. On top of using a new medium I had to learn a whole set of new skills when it comes to editing videos for major projects such as commercials, PSA, and music videos. 



2013, iPad (camera)
2013, Windows Movie Maker (editing)
2015, iPhone (camera)
2016, iMovie (editing)
2016, Sony Handycam (camera)
2016, Snapseed (editing)

2017, Canon T6 (camera)
2017, CC Lightroom (editing) 
2018, Final Cut Pro X (editing)

2019, Spark Camera (editing)

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+1 (817) 404-3494